How do I find where my timber wall studs are?

How do I find where my timber wall studs are?

If your installing your floating shelves in timber walls studs you will need to know where the studs are, we get many customers asking for advise on how to do this. In Australia, studs are typically spaced at 450 mm or 600 mm center to center, though variations can occur, especially in older homes. Here are the most straightforward methods for finding studs:

Use a Stud Finder: This is the most effective tool for locating studs. You have two main types:

    • Magnetic Stud Finders detect the nails or screws in the studs, indicating where you can securely fix your shelves.
    • Electronic Stud Finders measure changes in wall density and will clearly indicate the edges and center of a stud as you move the device across the wall.
  1. Tap and Listen Method: Before you start drilling, tap along the wall with your knuckle or a small hammer and listen to the sound. The wall will sound hollow except where a stud is located, which will produce a more solid sound. This method helps identify the general area of a stud, but for best results, confirm with a stud finder.

To properly install your floating shelves, first use the tap and listen method to get a rough idea of where the studs are. Then, use a stud finder to accurately locate the studs. Mark the edges and center of each stud to ensure you drill into the strongest part of the stud. This approach minimizes errors and helps ensure your floating shelves are securely mounted and capable of holding weight without risking damage to your wall or the shelves.

Don't forget, if you provide your stud measurements to us we can predrill your shelving ready for install. This will save you time on install day.

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