American Oak

American Oak, also known simply as American Red Oak, derives its name from the color of its leaves in autumn rather than its wood hue. The sapwood ranges from white to light brown. Similar to white oak but with a slightly less pronounced figure, American Oak is predominantly a curvy grain.

American Oak is highly favored for shelving due to its exceptional durability, stability, and appealing appearance. Its robust nature ensures that shelves crafted from this wood can reliably support various items without compromising on aesthetic charm or structural integrity.

Quick facts

1. Features a pale white to light brown sapwood, with a slight pink undertone that can be very hard to see.

2. It typically features a curvy grain unlike Tasmanian Oak which is straight.

3. Similar to American White Oak in colour. And at times some cuts can be similar to Blonde Oak.

4. Is considered the lightest hardwood timber that we supply

5.Combines beauty, quality, and sustainability, making it a wise investment for a lifetime.

6. Its Sophie's favourite timber and seen all throughout our house. She loves the wave in the grain, the light colouring and that it doesn't throw a pink look like Tasmanian Oak can.

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Variations in colour and grain