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Our Floating Shelves are 33mm in depth and made in locally sourced solid Tasmanian Oak. 

These beauties are perfect for all rooms and our unique installation method means that they can hold more weight then most Floating Shelves on the market (up to 25kg per wall stud they are secured into).

Display your books, frames and special pieces on these minimal look shelves. Our Floating Shelves are handmade with premium local timber and are available in 3 widths, and a number of lengths.

We recommend our Floating Shelves are installed by a qualified Tradesman as they must be installed into wall studs to hold the weight. We supply metal rods for the install (not prong brackets). If you would like holes pre-drilled into your Floating Shelf please leave us a note at checkout with the measuments you would like drilled (wall stud locations) or if your wall is brick or tiles we dont need a measurements, we will drill them in proportion to the shelf size.

Please note different tradesman will install things differently and may want to use different fixings depending on the position of the wall studs and if the studs are wooden or steel. The Timber Line do not take any responsibility for issues arising in the installation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

The local installation fee is per shelf.

Please note that as each piece is handcrafted, woodgrain will vary slightly from pictures. Also, the price is for one shelf only and does not include styling items.


Images @littlestronghome and @mystylemyloves

Care Instructions

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean, use a soft damp cloth and clean spills immediately.


Delivery is $15, excluding custom orders.

Production time

We have a current production time of 2-3 weeks.


We provide installation instructions, and your shelf comes with all the hardware you need. If you would like a copy of the instructions please send us an email.

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Full instructions are included with your order. We provide the hardware required. If you would like to see our Floating Shelf recommended installation instructions before you order please contact us here. We reccomend you read the FAQS below for commonly answered questions.

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Do you do custom sizing and timbers?

Oh yes we sure do! Please submit a quote above via the custom quote dropdown or contact us here.

Do you provide all of the hardware required?

Of course.

How long will my order take?

Please check the current production time above. Or you can contact us here

Can your Floating Shelves be installed into brick and tiles?

They certainly can. Our install method works perfectly for brick and tiles.

How do you install your Floating Shelves?

We recommend metal rods for install (which we supply). We use these as they hold the most amound of weight. If you would like a copy of our instructions before purchasing please contact us here.

Are holes pre-drilled into the timber ready for install?

No, but they can be. We offer this service free of charge. Just leave us a note at checkout with the measuments you would like drilled (wall stud locations) or if your wall is brick or tiles we dont need a measurements, we will drill them in proportion to the shelf size.

How much weight do your floating shelves hold?

Up to 25kgs per every wall stud they are secured to. All of our standard shelf lengths require at least 2 rods installed, larger ones even more. So the smaller shelves will hold 50kg, bigger shelves more, it depends on the size you order.

Are the shelves varnished?

Yes they sure are, twice. We use a top grade non toxic varnish that has a clear finish to keep the natural appearance of the timber. The varnish is also kitchen and bathroom grade.

Why dont you use traditional brackets?

We dont reommend the traditional brackets (the bar with the two poles attached) because they dont hold alot of weight. Most approx. 10kg per bracket. Our method will hold up to 25kg per rod installed. So if you use a minimum of two rods thats 50kgs minimum. However, this is only our recommendation and you can use the traditional bracket if you or your tradesperson prefers. It is also the only option for steel framed houses.

floating shelf

As seen in @everyday.home

"Pictured is solid Tasmanian Oak shelving, custom length to fit my space perfectly. The Timber Line is just up from me in Newcastle and the quality of these shelves are second to none 👌👌I’ve been wanting shelving here for years, and I’m so thrilled with the result!" - Michelle

Styled by @Villastyling